Meet The Model x Jody Vo

Jody Vo

Already my top shot of 2017!

Who Are You?

Jody is a creative junkie. She loves anything that has to do with art, whether it's painting, fashion, makeup, modeling, photography.. you name it. Her mind is like a non stop machine fueled by curiosity. There's no pause button and no way to power her down. She's on the rise. 

Why does she want to model or enjoy modeling? 

I played behind the camera for about three years, and during the time I would be told "you should model, blah blah". There was something about 2017 that gave me a kick to pick up a new hobby. So I took on modeling. Ever since we (as in my team and I) started, I don't see myself going anywhere else but up, and I'm eager to share with you all our work. 

Modeling goals? 

I would love to get into commercial modeling, such as product ads for clothes, shoes, makeup, hair or anything else along the lines.

Favorite model? (If Any) 

I absolutely love Tyra Banks. I've watched her on America's Next Top Model and followed her along with her career. Not only is she an extraordinary supermodel, but her personality and character puts the icing on the cake. I love her bubbly, caring personality, and I just hope to get in a position that she's in one day and inspire other little girls. 

Inspiration ?

Social media inspires me. Seeing other beautiful people taking advantage of social media and making a platform for themselves inspires me. The thought of "well, if they can do it then I can do it too." ran through my head for about 2 weeks and then I pushed myself to get out, get in touch with other creative people and create. 

Gallery of some of my favorite shots from our first session

Oh by the by she is only 18 years old. It was a pleasure to shoot with Jody, not just because of her potential to be great but her willingness to grow, be better, her fun & spunky spirit and willingness to try anything.  

We are already planning on more *insert fire emoji* sessions, so stay tuned! 

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